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Specialised dental care for your child

Consulting Paediatric Dentists
Dr Gabrielle Allen 8410 9600
Dr Mary Apps 8293 8567
Dr Jenny Branson 8232 0222
Dr Wendy Cheung 8332 3222
Dr Margaret Evans 8232 0222
Dr Vicki Farmer 8332 3222
Dr Gwendolyn Huang 8410 9600
Assoc/Professor Sam Gue 8410 9600
Dr Michael Malandris 8293 8567
Dr Sue Springbett 8362 0100
Dr Ninna Estrella-Yuson 8410 9600
Consulting General Dentists
Dr Caroline Crowley 8332 3222
Dr Angela Pierce 8332 3222

Calvary Wakefield Surgicentre provides specialised dental care for children ranging from 12 months old to young people aged up to 18 years including:

  • Extraction (removal of teeth)
  • Fillings
  • Restoration (e.g. repair of teeth that have a reduced amount of enamel or have been damaged in an accident)
  • X-rays

Our nurses work closely with parents to make sure that each child feels safe and comfortable before and after their dental procedure. We encourage one parent to stay with their child when we give the anaesthetic and that they are again present when their child wakes in recovery. The focus is on making sure that your child is clinically safe and feels secure at all times during their treatment.

We provide surgery for children requiring extensive or complex dental procedures and those who are anxious or have complex special needs, requiring a general anaesthetic.

We are especially skilled in caring for children with special needs. Examples include patients with autism spectrum disorders, Down syndrome, severe development delay or a physical disability that can make dental care difficult or traumatic.

Paediatric dentists are specialists who have practiced as general dentists for at least two years before completing a further three-year specialist-training program at an accredited children’s hospital or clinic.

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