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Rights and responsibilities

Based on our guiding values of hospitality, healing, stewardship and respect, the management and staff of Calvary Wakefield Surgicentre, support the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights developed by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare.  The Charter describes the rights of patients and other people using the Australian health system. These rights are essential to make sure that, wherever and whenever care is provided, it is of high quality and is safe.

The Charter recognises that people receiving care and people providing care all have important parts to play in achieving healthcare rights. The Charter allows patients, consumers, families, carers and services providing health care to share an understanding of the rights of people receiving health care. This helps everyone to work together towards a safe and high quality health system. A genuine partnership between patients, consumers and providers is important so that everyone achieves the best possible outcomes.

If you have a comment or complaint about our service:

  • Talk to the person in charge or any health worker at the time of the problem.
  • You can write to, phone or see the person in charge at any time during your care or afterwards.
  • If you are not satisfied with the results of your complaint you can contact the Chief Executive Officer, Calvary Wakefield Hospital, 300 Wakefield Street, Adelaide SA 5000.
  • If you have not been able to resolve the problem, you can write to the appropriate State or Federal independent complaints organisations:

Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner
PO Box 199
Rundle Mall
Adelaide SA 5001
Phone: 1800 232 007 (free call)

Medical Board of South Australia
PO Box 791
North Adelaide SA 5006
Phone: (08) 8219 9800

(For complaints against Medical Practitioners)

Private Health Insurance Ombudsman
Phone: 1800 640 695 (free call)
(For matters relating to health insurance)

What can I expect from Calvary?

My rights What this means
Access: I have a right to health care. I can access services to address my healthcare needs.
Safety: I have a right to receive safe and high quality care. I receive safe and high quality health services, provided with professional care, skill and competence.
Respect: I have a right to be shown respect, dignity and consideration. The care provided shows respect to me and my culture, beliefs, values and personal characteristics.
Communication: I have a right to be informed about services, treatment options and costs in a clear and open way. I receive open, timely and appropriate communication about my healthcare in a way I can understand.
Participation: I have a right to be included in decisions and choices about my care. I may join in making decisions and choices about my care and about health service planning.
Privacy: I have a right to privacy and confidentiality of my personal information. My personal privacy is maintained and proper handling of my personal health and other information is assured.
Comment: I have a right to comment on my care and to have my concerns addressed. I can comment on or complain about my care and have my concerns dealt with properly and promptly.

What can Calvary expect from you?

My responsibilities What this means
Honesty and openness: I have a responsibility to answer questions about my health openly and completely. I will disclose all information about my health.
Compliance: I have a responsibility to comply with prescribed treatments or to inform my health carers if I do not intend to do so. If I wish to refuse treatment I will discuss with my health carers.
Respect: I have a responsibility to show respect to my health carers. I will be courteous, considerate and respectful towards others.

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